Monday, April 13, 2015, 2:00 p.m.

Repository Licensing—I

Session Organizer: Michael John Apted (INTERA Inc.)
Chair: Jim Rubenstone (NRC)

1 (12227) Early Involvement of the Canadian Nuclear Regulator in an Initiative for a Deep Geological Repository for the Long-Term Management of Canada’s Used Nuclear Fuel

J. L. Mecke (Canadian Nucl Safety Comm)

6 (12467) Regulatory Review and Assessment of SNF Encapsulation and Disposal Facility Construction License Application in Finland

Kai Hämäläinen, Jussi Santeri Heinonen (STUK)

10(12584) Regulatory Assessment of a Spent Fuel Repository at the Forsmark Site Sweden; Evolution of Groundwater Site Conditions

Bo Strömberg, Georg A. Lindgren, Björn Dverstorp, Clara Anghel (Swedish Radiation Safety Authority

18 (12585) A Structured Approach to Independent Modelling in Support of a Licensing Review

Shulan Xu, Björn Dverstorp, Georg Lindgren, Maria Norden (Swedish Radiation Safety Authority), Klaus-Jürgen Röehlig (Clausthal Univ of Technology)

Nuclear Fuel Cycle Optimization and Integration: Disposal of Dual Purpose Canister—I

Session Organizer and Chair: Matthew W. Kozak (INTERA, Inc.)

27 (12266) A Case for Direct Disposal of SNF in Existing DPCs

Ernest Hardin, Elena Kalinina (SNL), Robert Clark (DOE), Robert Howard, Kaushik Banerjee, John Scaglione (ORNL), Joe Carter (SRNL)

35 (12665) Revisiting Direct Disposal of Dual-Purpose Canister Systems

Matthew W. Kozak, Michael J. Apted (INTERA, Inc.), Andrew Sowder (EPRI)

40 (12244) Evaluation of Filler Materials to Control Post-Closure Criticality of Dual Purpose Canisters

R. T. Jubin, K. Banerjee (ORNL), T. Severynse (SRNL)

48(12246) Criticality Analysis Process for Direct Disposal of Dual Purpose Canisters

John M. Scaglione (ORNL), Abdelhalim A. Alsaed (Enviro Nuclear Services), Robert L. Howard (ORNL), Ernest L. Hardin (SNL)

Storage and Transportation: Transportation—I

Session Organizer: Ruth F. Weiner (Boston Government Services)
Chair: Sylvia Saltzstein (SNL)

55 (12217) A Proposed Waste Acceptance Queue for Shutdown Nuclear Power Reactors

Steven P. Nesbit, Lara S. Nichols (Duke Energy Corp

62 (12660) Transportation of Spent Nuclear Fuel from the Reactor Sites in U.S.—What Will It Take

Elena A. Kalinina (SNL), Ingrid K. Busch (ORNL)

71(12595) Constraint-Based Routing Models for the Transport of Radioactive Materials

Steven Peterson, Cheng Liu (ORNL)

79(12596) Systems for the Intermodal Routing of Spent Nuclear Fuel

Steven Peterson, Cheng Liu (ORNL)

Nuclear Fuel Cycle Optimization and Integration—Special Session: Progress in HLW Management at the U.S. DOE Savannah River Site

Session Organizer: Andrew G. Sowder (EPRI)
Chair: Lawrence Ling (Savannah River Remediation)

86(12699) Integrated High Level Waste System Planning—Utilizing an Integrated Systems Planning Approach to Ensure End-State Definitions are Met and Executed

Lawrence T. Ling (Savannah River Remediaiton), Sonitza M. Blanco (DOE), invited

92(12700) High-Level Waste Management at the Department of Energy Savannah River Site

Lawrence T. Ling, Stuart MacVean (Savannah River Remediation), James Folk (DOE), invited

100(12760) Completion of Operational Closure of Tank 5F and Tank 6F by Grouting Including the First Time Grouting of Cooling Coils Associated Annulus

James Rush, Gregory Arthur (Savannah River Remediation, LLC), Jolene Seitz (DOE)

Borehole Disposal: General

Session Organizer and Chair: Patrick Brady (SNL)

107(127655) Why Demonstration of a Deep Borehole Disposal Concept Matters to the Nuclear Industry

Andrew Sowder (EPRI), Rod McCullum (NEI), Vincent Kindfuller (MIT)

115 (12515) Deep Geological Boreholes: A Suitable Disposal Route for Hanford Cs/Sr Capsules

Karl P. Travis, Fergus G. F. Gibb (Univ of Sheffield)

122 (12390) Research Needs for Deep Boreholes

Patrick V. Brady, Bill W. Arnold, Robert J. MacKinnon, Ernest L. Hardin, David C. Sassani, Kristopher L. Kuhlman, Geoff A. Freeze (SNL)

Monday, April 13, 2015, 3:55 p.m.

Repository Licensing—II

Session Organizer: Michael John Apted (INTERA Inc.)
Chair: Jim Rubenstone (NRC)

125 (12385) The Role of Key Consultants in the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority’s ‘Construction License Application’ Review and Assessment

Michael Apted (INTERA Inc.), Neil Chapman (MCM International), Budhi Sagar (Southwest Research Inst)

131 (12642) Maintaining a Safety Case for Licensing—A Swedish Case Study

Kristina Gillin (Candesco), Martina Sturek (SKB)

Nuclear Fuel Cycle Optimization and Integration—Disposal of Dual Purpose Canisters— II

Session Organizer and Chair: Matthew W. Kozak (INTERA, Inc.)

135 (12314) Disposability of the Loaded U.S. Dual-Purpose Canisters from a Criticality Standpoint

Kaushik Banerjee, John M. Scaglione, Justin B. Clarity (ORNL)

143 (12211) Initial Evaluation of Standardized Canisters in the Waste Management System

Joshua J. Jarrell, Robert A. Joseph III (ORNL), Jeffrey A. Fortner (ANL), Richard E. Hale, Robert L. Howard (ORNL), Elena A. Kalinina (SNL), Gordon M. Petersen, Robert B. Wilkerson (Univ of Tennessee)

Storage and Transportation: Transportation— II

Session Organizer: Ruth F. Weiner (Boston Government Services)
Chair: Sylvia Saltzstein (SNL)

150 (12426) Stakeholder Tool for Assessing Radioactive Transportation (START)

Mark Abkowitz (Vanderbilt Univ), Erica Bickford (DOE), invited

155 (12592) Laying the Groundwork for a Large-Scale Used Fuel Transportation System

Matthew Feldman, John Wagner, Kevin Connolly (ORNL), Steven Maheras (PNNL), Erica Bickford, Jay Jones, Patrick Schwab (DOE)

Nuclear Fuel Cycle Optimization and Integration—Management of Wastes from Reprocessing

Session Organizer: Andrew G. Sowder (EPRI)
Chair: Sven Bader (AREVA)

160 (12602) Contamination of Zirconium Metal by Cadmium Dissolved in Molten LiCl-KCl Salt

N. A. Earle, S. E. Skutnik (Univ of Tennessee)

165 (12694) Chlorination Process Development for Zirconium Recovery from Used Fuel Cladding

Emory D. Collins, G. D. Del Cul, B. B. Spencer, R. D. Hunt, R. R. Brunson, C. Ausmus (ORNL)

Regulatory and Institutional Topics—Managing Unique Inventories of Used Fuel and HLW

Session Organizer and Chair: Graham Smith (GMS Abingdon Ltd.)

169 (12672) Regulatory Supervision of Management of Submarine and Icebreaker Spent Fuel in Russian Federation

Malgorzata Karpow Sneve (Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority)

176 (14227) Issues in Research Reactor Spent Fuel Management

Graham Smith (GMS Abingdon Ltd.)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015, 10:25 a.m.

Repository Safety Assessment I

Session Organizer: Sitakanta Mohanty (Southwest Research Inst)
Cochairs: Alan Hedin (SKB), Delphine Pellegrini (IRSN)

182 (12249) SKB’s Updates of the Forsmark SNF Repository License Application—Long-Term Safety

Allan Hedin, Johan Andersson, Christina Lilja, Patrik Sellin (SKB)

190 (12590) Overview of a Postclosure Safety Assessment of a Canadian Used Fuel Repository in Sedimentary Rock

M. Gobien, F. Garisto, N. Hunt, E. P. Kremer, C. Medri (NWMO)

198 (12713) Development of the NUMO Safety Case—Safety Assessment

Manabu Inagaki, Susumu Kurosawa, Sanae Shibutani, Keisuke Ishida, Katsuhiko Ishiguro (NUMO)

207 (12069) A Simple Improved Measure of Risk from a Geologic Repository

Allen G. Croff, Steven L. Krahn (Vanderbilt Univ)

218 (12692) A Methodology for Representing the Geosphere-Biosphere Interface in Assessment Models

M. C. Thorne (Mike Thorne and Associates Ltd), G. M. Smith (GMS Abingdon Ltd)

Regulatory and Institutional Topics—The U.S. Geologic Repository Program

Session Organizer and Chair: Steven P. Nesbit (Duke Energy)

226 (12693) Partisanship, Information, and Public Opinion about Yucca Mountain

Matthew C. Nowlin (College of Charleston)

232 (12247) Redirecting the U.S. Nuclear Waste Program

Robert J. Halstead (State of Nevada), Alvin Mushkatel, Kathy Thomas (Arizona State Univ Polytechnic)

Storage and Transportation—Multipurpose System Designs

Session Organizer and Chair: Brady D. Hanson (PNNL)

240 (12649) AREVA TN Universal Centralized Storage System

Zhaojuan (Jane) He, William Bracey (AREVA)

245 (12654) MP197HB: First Licensed Transportation Package with Canistered High Burnup Fuel After Dry Storage

Jayant Bondre (AREVA TN)

249 (12663) Recent Issues Found in a Dual Purpose Cask Design

David Garrido (ENSA)

255 (12701) COBRA-SFS Dry-Cask Modeling Sensitivities in High-Capacity Canisters

Remy Devoe, Kevin R. Robb (ORNL)

263 (12529) Behaviour of Spent Fuel During Storage

Paul Nicholas Standring (IAEA)

Repository Site Selection

Session Organizer: Peter N. Swift (SNL)
Chair: Kevin McMahon (SNL)

268 (12717) Implementing Geological Disposal in the UK

Ann McCall, Andrew Craze (Radioactive Waste Management), invited

276 (12714) Development of the NUMO Safety Case—Geological Characterisation and Synthesis

Kunio Ota, Junichi Goto, Takanori Kunimaru, Toshifumi Moriya, Kimitaka Yoshimura, Seietsu Takeda (NUMO

284 (12716) Canada’s Deep Geological Repository for Used Nuclear Fuel—Update on the Site Evaluation Process and Interweaving of Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge

Mahrez Ben Belfadhel, Jo-Ann Facella, Bob Watts (NWMO)

Nuclear Fuel Cycle Optimization and Integration: Integrating Interim Storage and Disposal— I

Session Organizer: Charles W. Forsberg (MIT)
Chair: Sven Bader (AREVA)

289 (13146) Overview of the DOE Nuclear Fuel Storage and Transportation Planning Project

John Wagner (ORNL), Joe Carter (SRNL), Matt Feldman, Rob Howard (ORNL), William Nutt (ANL), Jeff Williams (DOE)

296 (12605) Update on the United States Department of Energy’s Used Fuel Disposition R&D Campaign

Peter N. Swift (SNL), Jens T. Birkholzer (LBNL), Shannon Bragg-Sitton (INL), Robert J. MacKinnon, Kevin A. McMahon, Sylvia J. Saltzstein, Ken B. Sorenson (SNL)

304 (12524) Coming to an Ocean Far From You—Sub-Seabed Repositories

Craig L. Porter (Jetseal Engineering and Technical Services, LLC)

Security, Safeguards and Nonproliferation

Session Organizer: Andrew G. Sowder (EPRI)
Chair: Sven Bader (AREVA)

313 (12232) Uncertainty of the Pu to 244Cm Ratio in Spent Fuel

Seung Min Woo, Joonhong Ahn (Univ of California, Berkeley)

320 (12674) Numerical Estimation of the Spent Fuel Ratio

Samuel G. Durbin, Eric R. Lindgren, Jason Wilke (SNL

Tuesday, April 14, 2015, 2:00 p.m.

Repository Design: Engineered Barrier Systems—I

Session Organizer: Andrew Sowder (EPRI)
Chair: Daniel Bullen (DNFSB)

325 (12416) Modeling Thermohydrological-Mechanical Behavior of Granular Bentonite

Chandrika Manepally, Stuart Stothoff, Goodluck Ofoegbu, Biswajit Dasgupta (CNWRA-Southwest Research Inst), Randall Fedors (NRC)

333 (12709) Monitoring of the Shaft Seal at Canada’s Underground Research Laboratory

D. Priyanto Putro, P. Thompson, S. Stroes-Gascoyne (CNL), D. Dixon (Golder Assoc Limited), P. Korkeakoski (Posiva Oy), R. Farhoud (ANDRA)

340 (12645) Development of the Canadian Used Fuel Repository Engineered Barrier System

Chris Hatton (NWMO)

Storage and Transportation: Extended Storage—I

Session Organizer: Andrew Sowder (EPRI)
Chair: Vincenzo Rondinella (EC-JRC-ITU)

346 (12624) ISI of Dry Storage Casks for Spent Nuclear Fuel: Leveraging Knowledge from Reactors

Ryan M. Meyer, Michael T. Anderson, John P. Lareau (PNNL)

354 (12606) Probabilistic Performance Assessment: SCC of SNF Interim Storage Canisters

C. Bryan, C. Sallaberry, R. Dingreville, C. Stockman (SNL), H. Adkins (PNNL), M. Sutton (LLNL)

362 (12617) Characterization and Effects of Hydrides in High-Burnup PWR Cladding Alloys

M. C. Billone, T. A. Burtseva, Y. Y. Liu (ANL)

Repository Site Selection—Underground Research Laboratories

Session Organizer: Charles McCombie (MCM Consulting)
Chair: Efstratios (Stratis) Vomvoris (NAGRA)

371 (12650) Current Status of R&D Activities and Future Plan of Mizunami Underground Research Laboratory

H. Osawa, K. Koide, E. Sasao, T. Iwatsuki, H. Saegusa, K. Hama, T. Sato (JAEA)

379 (12378) Nagra’s Activities at the Grimsel Test Site and Mont Terri Project: Update and Outlook

S. Vomvoris, I. Blechschmidt, T. Vietor, H. Mueller (Nagra)

390 (12691) Underground Research Facility in Highly Anisotropic Rocks, Bukov URF, Czech Republic

L. Vondrovic, M. Vencl, M. Dvořaková, , J. Slovák, I. Pospišková (Radioactive Waste Repository Authority)

Borehole Disposal—Sealing and Thermal Modeling

Session Organizer and Chair: Patrick Brady (SNL)

394 (12406) Cementitious Grouts for Disposal of Nuclear Wasteforms in Deep Boreholes

Nick C. Collier, Karl P. Travis, Fergus G F. Gibb (The Univ of Sheffield), Neil B. Milestone (Callaghan Innovation)

401 (12503) Sealing Deep Borehole Disposals of Radioactive Waste by “Rock Welding”

Fergus G. F. Gibb, Karl P. Travis (Univ of Sheffield), invited

407 (12594) High Performance Ceramic Plugs for Borehole Sealing

William Lowry, Sandra Dunn, Ken Coates (Olympic Research, Inc.), Andrew Duguid (Schlumberger Carbon Services), Ken Wohletz (LANL)

Nuclear Fuel Cycle Optimization and Integration—Modeling and Simulation

Session Organizer: Vincenzo V. Rondinella (EC-JRC-ITU)
Chair: Joonhong Ahn (Univ of California, Berkeley)

414 (12411) Validation of Electrolyte Solution Densities Important to Processing Hanford Nuclear Waste: Tri-Sodium Citrate

Jacob G. Reynolds (Washington River Protection Solutions, LLC)

418 (12539) ORIGAMI: A New Interface for Fuel Assembly Characterization with ORIGEN

Steve E. Skutnik (Univ of Tennessee), Mark L. Williams, Robert A. LeFebvre (ORNL)

426 (12597) Fuel Cycle Applications with the Data Stored Within the Unified Database

Joshua Peterson, John Scaglione (ORNL)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015, 3:30 a.m.

Repository Safety Assessment—II

Session Organizer: Matthew W. Kozak (INTERA, Inc.)
Chair: Ray Clark (EPA)

431 (12589) Assessment of the Chemical Hazard of a Canadian Used Fuel Repository with Copper Containers

M. Gobien, F. Garisto, N. Hunt, E. P. Kremer (NWMO)

439 (12728) Investigating the Implications of Managing Depleted Natural and Low Enriched Uranium Through Geological Disposal

Daniel Galson (Galson Sciences Limited), Matthew Wallstead (Radioactive Waste Management Ltd.), Liz Harvey (Galson Sciences Ltd.)

447 (12321) Site Specificity in Advanced Dose Assessment Modeling

R. A. Klos (Aleksandria Sciences Ltd.), Anders Wörman (KTH)

Repository Design: Engineered Barrier Systems—II

Session Organizer: Andrew Sowder (EPRI)
Chair: Daniel Bullen (DNFSB)

455 (12474) Constitutive Model Development for Bentonite Buffer Behavior

S. Stothoff, C. Manepally (CNWRA-Southwest Research Inst), R. Fedors (NRC)

463 (12600) A Consequence Model for Bentonite Buffer Defects in Fractured Rock

Stuart Stothoff (CNWRA)

471 (12498) Modeling THMC Changes in EBS Bentonite at High Temperature

Liange Zheng, Jonny Rutqvist, Jens T. Birkholzer (LBNL)

Storage and Transportation: Extended Storage—II

Session Organizer and Chair: Vincenzo V. Rondinella (EC-JRC-ITU)

479 (12715) Spent Nuclear Fuel Characterization in View of Long-Term Storage

V. V. Rondinella, T. Wiss, D. Papaioannou, R. Nasyrow, F. Cappia, S. Van Winckel, D. Serrano-Purroy, D. Wegen, (EC-JRC-ITU)

486 (12720) Radiolysis Model Analysis for a Used Fuel Storage Canister

Richard S. Wittman, Brady D. Hanson (PNNL)

494 (12591) Phenomena Affecting Used Nuclear Fuel Cladding Temperatures during Vacuum Drying Operations

M. Hadj-Nacer, T. Manzo (Univ of Nevada, Reno), M. Ho, I. Graur, (Univ of Aix-Marseille), M. Greiner (Univ of Nevada, Reno)

Storage and Transportation: Transportation Analysis and Testing—I

Session Organizer and Chair: Ruth F. Weiner (Boston Government Services)

509 (12679) Rail Shock and Vibration Pre-Test Modeling of a Used Nuclear Fuel Assembly

Steven B. Ross, Nicholas A. Klymyshyn, Philip J. Jensen, Ralph E. Best, Steven J. Maheras (PNNL), Paul E. McConnell (SNL), John Orchard (DOE)

515 (12256) Lessons Learned from CIRFT Testing on SNF Vibration Integrity Study

J.-An Wang, H. Wang, H. Jiang, B. Bevard, R. Howard, J. Scaglione (ORNL)

523 (12251) Special Fleet Maintenance Functions, Requirements, and Facility Concepts for AAR-2043 Railcars

R. Howard, P. Singley, M. Feldman, D. Giuliano, B. Bevard (ORNL), J. Carter (SRNL)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015, 10:25 a.m.

Regulatory and Institutional Topics: Challenges and Successes

Session Organizer and Chair: Rob P. Rechard (SNL)

526 (12711) Development of the NUMO Safety Case—Overview

Hiroshi Fujihara, Akira Deguchi, Hiroyoshi Ueda, Tetsuo Fujiyama, Hiroyuki Umeki (NWMO)

534 (12712) Development of the NUMO Safety Case—Repository Design and Engineering

Shigeru Kubota, Kiyoshi Fujisaki, Satoru Suzuki, Akira Deguchi, Hiroyuki Umeki (NWMO)

541 (12695) The Review of the Swedish Spent Fuel Repository License Application

Johan Swahn (Swedish NGO Office for Nuclear Waste Review)

546 (12037) Knowledge Preservation for Repository Systems

Kevin A. McMahon, Gordon J. Appel (SNL), Abraham Van Luik (DOE), John B. Whitley (SNL)

555 (12384) Changes in Dose Performance Measures as Modeling Progressed for the Previously Proposed U.S. Repostory in Volcanic Tuff

Rob P. Rechard (SNL)

Regulatory and Institutional Topics—Special Session on the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

Session Organizer: Abraham E. Van Luik (DOE, Carlsbad Field Office)
Cochairs: Dana Bryson (DOE-Carlsbad Field Office). Derek Wilson (NWMO)

563 (12391) Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Recovery: A Status Report

Dana Bryson, José Franco (DOE)

569 (12488) Independent Monitoring of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

P. Thakur, S. Ballard, R. Hardy (Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring & Research Center)

Nuclear Fuel Cycle Optimization and Integration—Alternative Fuel Cycles and Reactor Technologies

Session Organizer and Chair: Joonhong Ahn (Univ of California, Berkeley)

577 (12205) Development and Testing of a Decision Framework and a Decition Tool for Determining Fuel Cycle Preferences

Andrea R. Gardiner, Steven L. Krahn, Timothy M. Ault, Allen G. Croff, Bethany L. Burkhardt, James H. Clarke, Lyndsey M. Fyffe (Vanderbilt Univ), Albert J. Machiels, Andrew G. Sowder (EPRI)

583 (12228) Qualitative and Quantitative Metrics for Evaluating the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

John M. Swanson, Ishoc Salaam, Sama Bilbao y León (Virginia Commonwealth Univ)

591 (12603) Comparison of Radioactive Waste Volumes from Single Used Nuclear Fuel Recycling and the Once-Through Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Bethany L. Burkhardt, Steven Krahn, Allen Croff, Kevin Brown, James H. Clarke (Vanderbilt Univ), Albert Machiels, Andrew Sowder (EPRI)

599 (12412) Hedging Against Uncertainty in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Urairisa Phathanapirom, Erich Schneider (Univ of Texas, Austin)

608 (12671) Feasibility of Molten Salt Fast Reactor for Emerging National Tasks

Yasuo Hirose, Koshi Mitachi (Retired), Yoichiro Shimazu (Univ of Fukui)

Borehole Disposal—Siting

Session Organizer and Chair: Patrick Brady (SNL)

618 (12453) Siting Guidelines for a Deep Borehole Disposal Facility

Geoff A. Freeze, Bill W. Arnold, Patrick V. Brady, David C. Sassani, Kristopher L. Kuhlman (SNL)

624 (12370) Site Characterization for a Deep Borehole Field Test

Kristopher L. Kuhlman, Bill W. Arnold, Patrick V. Brady, David C. Sassani, Geoff A. Freeze, Ernest L. Hardin (SNL)

632 (12608) A GIS Database to Support Siting of a Deep Borehole Field Test

Frank V. Perry (LANL), Bill W. Arnold (SNL), Richard E. Kelley (LANL)

638 (12684) An Analysis on the Borehole Spacing of Deep Borehole Disposal of HLW

Jongyoul Lee, Geonyoung Kim, Daeseok Bae, Heuijoo Choi, Kyeongsoo Kim (KAERI)

642 (12607) Modeling Transient Thermal Conditions for Nuclear Waste in Deep Boreholes

Robert J. Geringer, Clifford Singer (Univ of Illinois)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015, 2:00 p.m.

Repository Performance Assessment: Radionuclide Release and Transport—I

Session Organizer: Andrew Sowder (EPRI)
Chair: David Pickett (Southwest Research Inst)

646 (12646) FIRST-Nuclides: Results on Radionuclide Release from Used Fuel

Bernhard Kienzler (KIT), Karel Lemmens (SCK.CEN)

653 (12454) Sensitivity Studies With a Probabilistic Radionuclide Transport Model for Geological Disposal in Meuse/Haute-Marne, France

Richard Codell (Consultant), Sitakanta Mohanty, Stuart Stothoff (Southwest Research Inst), Gregory Mathieu, Marc Bourgeois, Delphine Pellegrini (IRSN)

660 (12442) Effects of Dissolved Hydrogen on Dissolution Rates of SIMFUEL in High-Level Waste Repositories With Reducing Conditions

Pavan K. Shukla (Southwest Research Inst), Tae Ahn (NRC)

671 (11964) Estimating Gas-Borne Dose Consequences from a Used Fuel Repository in Sedimentary Rock

E. P. Kremer (NWMO), J. D. Avis, N. Calder (Geofirma Eng Limited), N.G. Hunt (NWMO)

Repository Design: Natural Barrier Systems

Session Organizer: Efstratios (Stratis) Vomvoris (NAGRA)
Cochairs: Jin-Ping (Jack) Gwo (NRC), Stuart Stothoff (Southwest Research Inst)

678 (12652) THMC Behaviour of Clay-Based Barriers under High Temperature—From Laboratory to URL Scale

S. Vomvoris (Nagra), J. Birkholzer, Liange Zheng (LBNL), I. Gaus, I. Blechschmidt (Nagra)

688 (12719) Understanding Thermal Constraints for High-Heat-Generating Wastes in the UK

Ann McCall, Martin Cairns (Radioactive Waste Management Limited), invited

694 (12588) Modeling the Coupled Hydrogeochemical and Mechanical Behavior of a Single Artificial Fracture in Novaculite Rock

J. Gwo, T. Cao, R. Fedors, and J. Rubenstone

702 (12690) Numerical Characterization of the Excavation Damaged Zone in the HG-A Experiment

Robert Walsh, Othman Nasir, Helen Leung, John Avis

Storage and Transportation—Inspection and Aging Management of Dry Storage Systems—I

Session Organizer: John H. Kessler (EPRI)
Chair: Shannon Chu (EPRI)

710 (12841) Aging Management for High Burnup Used Fuel in Dry Storage—A Holistic Approach

Rod McCullum (NEI), Tom Brookmire (Dominion Energy), Pam Cowan (Exelon Generation), Kris Cummings (NEI), John Kessler (EPRI), Steve Nesbit (Duke Energy), Terry Pickens (Xcel Energy)

717 (12664) Gap Analysis to Support Modeling the Long-Term Degradation of Used Nuclear Fuel Canisters

P. J. Jensen, D. J. Sunderland, S. B. Ross, R. O. Montgomery, B. D. Hanson, R. Devanathan (PNNL)

720 (12653) Aging Management Program for Stainless Steel Dry Storage System Canisters

Darrell S. Dunn, Bruce Lin (NRC), Ryan M. Meyer, Michael T. Anderson (PNNL)

728 (12394) EPRI’s CISCC R&D Roadmap and Development of CISCC Aging Management Guidelines

Shannon Marie Chu (EPRI)

Nuclear Fuel Cycle Optimization and Integration—Integrating Interim Storage and Disposal—II

Session Organizer and Chair: Rob P. Rechard (SNL)

735 (12238) Process Flow Diagrams and Node Descriptions for the SNF WMS

R. A Joseph III, R. E. Hale, G. M. Petersen, R. L. Howard, (ORNL), M. Nutt (ANL)

742 (12277) Waste Management System Architecture Evaluations

W. Mark Nutt, Casey Trail (ANL), Thomas Cotton (Complex Systems LLC), Robert Howard, Bret van den Akker (ORNL)

749 (12413) Integrating Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel in the United States by Consolidated Storage

Rob P. Rechard, Laura L. Price, Elena A. Kalinina, Evaristo J. Bonano (SNL), Hank C. Jenkins-Smith (Univ of Oklahoma)

757 (12455) Qualitative Evaluation of Options for Disposal of SNF and HLW

Laura Price, David Sassani, Peter Swift, Evaristo Bonano (SNL)


Session Organizer: Karen Smith (RadEcol Consulting Ltd.)
Chair: Graham Smith (GMS Abington Ltd.)

765 (12734) International Cooperation and Biosphere Assessment: BIOPROTA

K. Smith (RadEcol Consulting Ltd.), G. Smith (GMS Abingdon Ltd.), D. Pérez-Sanchez (CIEMAT

769 (12739) Biosphere Assessment for Safety Case of Final Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel

Lauri Parviainen, Kirsi Riekki (Posiva Oy)

776 (12685) International Developments in Addressing Environmental Change in Post Closure Safety Assessments

Tobias Lindborg (Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co/Swedish Univ of Agricultural Science), Mike Thorne (Mike Thorne and Assoc Ltd.)

784 (12736) Results from Post-Closure Dose Assessment Models with “Alternative” Levels of Detail

Ryk A. Klos (Aleksandria Sciences), Danyl Pérez-Sánchez (CIEMAT), Shulan Xu, Maria Nordén (SSM)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015, 3:55 p.m.

Repository Performance Assessment: Radionuclide Release and Transport—II

Session Organizer: Andrew Sowder (EPRI)
Chair: David Pickett (Southwest Research Inst)

792 (12402) Relevance of Radionuclide Transport Assisted by Colloids in a KBS-3 Repository

Osvaldo Pensado (Southwest Research Inst)

Repository Design: Engineered Barrier Systems—III

Session Organizer: David A. Pickett (Southwest Research Inst)
Chair: Michael Apted (INTERA Inc.)

799 (12212) Alternative Method for the Production of Copper Barriers

T. Hernandez-Selva (BEP Surface Technologies Ltd/Univ of Manchester), D. L. Engleberg, F. Scenini (Univ of Manchester), D. Fox, A. McClusky (BEP Surface Technologies Ltd)

806 (12419) Copper Corrosion in Simulated Anoxic Granitic Underwater

Xihua He (Southwest Research Inst), Tae Ahn (NRC), Jude McMurry (Retired)

Storage and Transportation: Inspection and Aging Management of Dry Storage Systems— II

Session Organizer: John H. Kessler (EPRI)
Chair: Rod McCullum (NEI)

814 (12536) Collaboration on Aging Management for Extended Storage of Used Fuel

Holger Voelzke (BAM Federal Inst for Materials Research and Testing), Yung Liu (ANL)

818 (12599) Dry Storage Canister Inspections to Inform Aging Management Efforts

Keith Waldrop (EPRI)

824 (12651) Inspection and Monitoring of Dry Canister Storage Systems

Jeremy B. Renshaw, Shannon Chu, John H. Kessler, Keith Waldrop (EPRI)

Biosphere— II

Session Organizer: Karen Smith (RadEcol Consulting Ltd)
Chair: Graham Smith (GMS Abingdon Ltd.)

835 (12395) Estimation of Dilution, Capture, and Dose for IAEA Reference Biospheres

Paul E. Mariner, W. Payton Gardner (SNL)

842 (12686) Determination of Concentration Ratios of Stable Sr and Cs for Fish, and Analysis of Factors Influencing Their Range of Variation

Lena Konovalenko, Clare Bradshaw (Stockholm Univ), Ulrik Kautsky (SKB)

848 (12722) Review of Current Methods in Internal Dosimetry of Non-Human Biota

N. E. Martinez (Clemson Univ)

Thursday, April 16, 2015, 8:00 a.m.

Repository Performance Assessment—Disruptive Scenarios

Session Organizer: Erik Kremer (NWMO)
Chair: Erik Kremer (NWMO), Mark Gobien (NWMO)

855 (12401) Fifth Case Study: Identification and Analysis of Disruptive Scenarios

F. Garisto (NWMO), J. Avis (Geofirma Eng Ltd), M. Gobien, E. P. Kremer, C. Medri (NWMO)

863 (12689) Detailed Gas Generation and Transport Modelling at the Room and Repository Scale

J. D. Avis, N. Calder (Geofirma Eng Ltd), E. P. Kremer (NWMO)

871 (12497) Modeling the Accumulation of Thermally Fissile Materials in HLW Repository

Alex Salazar, Joonhong Ahn (Univ of California, Berkeley)

879 (12580) A Criticality Safety Study for the Disposal of Damaged Fuel Debris

Xudong Liu, Joonhong Ahn (Univ of California, Berkeley), Fumio Hirano (JAEA)

Storage and Transportation: Transportation Analysis and Testing— II

Session Organizer and Chair: Ruth F. Weiner (Boston Government Services)

887 (12626) A Sufficiency Criterion for Spent Fuel in Dry Storage Subjected to Transportation Accident Conditions

Joseph Rashid (ANATECH), Albert Machiels (EPRI)

895 (12623) The Impact of Cask Wake on Materials Released from a Type B Cask

Christopher Clutz, Ruth Weiner (SNL)

905 (12676) Shielding Evaluation of the ENSA ENUN 32P Cask for Zonal Loading

Dominic Napolitano, David Hartmangruber, Drew Blackwell (Enercon Federal Services), David Garrido (Equipos Nucleares, SA)

911 (12677) Burnup Credit Criticality Evaluation of the ENSA ENUN 32P Cask

Curt Lindner, Dominic Napolitano, Alan Wells (Enercon Federal Services), David Garrido (Equipos Nucleares, SA)

Regulatory and Institutional Topics—Management, Oversight and Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities

Session Organizer and Chair: Kevin A. McMahon (SNL)

917 (12604) Content Analysis of DOE Occurrence Reports at Nuclear Chemical Facilities

Lyndsey Fyffe (Vanderbilt Univ), James A. Hutton (DOE), James H. Clarke, Steven Krahn, David Kosson (Vanderbilt Univ)

922 (12698) Aging Management Program for Reinforced Concrete Structures

Ricardo D. Torres, Bhasker P. Tripathi, Emma L. Wong, John P. Wise, Darrell S. Dunn, Aladar A. Csontos (NRC)